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Find out how GINIIS combines in one seamless cloud platform an Education system that better students performance everywhere, anywhere and makes your mobile device a new classroom experience.

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The GINIIS platform includes

Electronic Students Records Management


Interactive Tele-Presence Learning

Realtime Collaboration and Communication (between students, teachers and parents)



Human Resources

Machine Learning

Video Learning

Reports of your child's standings on all devices
Reports of your child's standings on all devices


Our system evolves and scales as your school, business or organization’s education system evolves. Today’s Government and Education Institutions face the demands of integrating students records across multiple systems, aggregating data into a single view and segmenting new curriculum to a diverse audience. Meanwhile, the expectation of learning experience has changed, To solve these challenges, GINIIS is transforming school operations and user experiences with flexible, digital and virtualization technologies all in one place for both traditional and alternative education systems.

Access from anywhere at anytime

Big results for Institutions at every level.

GINIIS helps Education Institutions to achieve extraordinary success. Whether you're a Government, Higher Education Institution or a K-12, our One Cloud-Based Education System offers deep insight into how you deliver knowledge and the agility to adapt to change.

Access from anywhere at anytime

We're always innovating. So you can, too!

Shouldn’t Education/Learning software deliver breakthrough technology, like machine learning and interactive Tele-Presence learning just as easily and fast as consumer software does on your mobile? We think so. That’s why we never stop developing new innovations-so you can lead your students into the future. With the right technology and GINIIS as your partner, you can unlock hidden geniuses within your student population. When your students succeed, we succeed. At GINIIS, we’re here for you. Our fast deployment, dedicated support teams, and vibrant user community are just a few ways we ensure your success. And our 97% customer satisfaction approval rating indicates it’s working.

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Recent Success Stories

GINIIS accelerates academic growth

Students in Canossa Middle school

Students of Canossa Middle school measure 16% improvement in test scores, year after year

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Students in Regenboog Highschool in Eindhoven

Participation in after-school programs soars at De Regenboog Highschool, Eindhoven

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Konadu Yiadom Senior High

Graduation rates at Konadu Yiadom Senior High School increase by an average of 6% per annum

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Students in Sekolah Tun Fatimah school

Reading habits at Sekolah Tun Fatimah school are rapidly improving, and this is gaining national recognition.

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Reports of your child's standings on all devices

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